Chalice in the Chalet

Compendious description of your soul

Will be couched by me

Your long light jacket with a Hood…

Your crimson cagoule will embrace two of us.

While looking for your contemporary statue

I convulsed for having come across your cairn

So calamitous..

How could the calciferous cairn turn a tough heart?

Like a cantankerous old woman cantering along to nonknown.

The concatenation of events of my life triggered my conation in a chaparral.

There was no clairvoyance.

So needed to clamour.

The whole caboodle I had was crammed with concordance into my blood cells.

Letting the heart turn into crucible will not be christened any more.

Please,give me a hand and

Draw the picture of my catafalque.

Needless Leaf

I am not your landscape.

I am not the woman that you engrossed to watch.

Not to think on it.

I decided to be a river flowing flawlessly.

Flawlessness,I sacrificed my life on it.

For what? Knowing it is just choice.

I have become so vivid from vicarious experinces.

Not longing for being a sea glorifying

Not longing for a man being ferocious.

Liked by him, but not loved by

For the first time in my life, I decided to play with fire.

Valiant enough to burn in it.But how can I burn a man that he has already gone ashes.

By puffing an new emotions to him?

Still don’t know??